We all have heard that “smoking is injurious to health”. This caption also appears on every pack of cigarettes. But we avoid it, thinking that cigarette smoking will not cause any harm to our body and we can enjoy cigarette smoking without any problems. Smoking is taken as a punch or boost of energy but altogether smoking makes you tired and exhausted in the long run. Read ahead to know about the negative impact of cigarette smoking on health.

Some points to remember. 


Cigarettes are killers that travel in packs. 

Replacing smoke in the face with a smile will bring happiness to your life.

Every time you light a cigarette, you are saying your life is not worth living. 

Remember, Our strength grows out of our weakness. You are greater than your addiction. 

Quit smoking and start living. 

Burn calories not cigarettes.

The secret is to let mind work for you and not against you.

The effect of smoking on mind and body 

Smoking can have a great impact on your energy levels both mentally and physically. You may feel lethargic both mentally and physically with no desire to do any work. Smoking also makes you dehydrated of energy and causes lack of nutrition. Smoking reduces the flow of oxygen to the lungs and causes more dependence. When the flow of oxygen is reduced, the nutrition carrying capacity of the body to various organs also reduces thus reducing the energy levels. The oxygen is replaced by smoke and thus this makes you tired, reducing your energy levels.

Impact on the vitality power. 

Smoking causes reduced vital powers of the body. Vital power is the force that operates the body . This creates a negative impact on the body thus leading to tiredness and fatigue. Your vital power is the vital force that provides you energy . It restores and rejuvenates you if you are tired after the whole day’s work

How can smoking damage your health?

A cigarette contains 4900 chemicals , out of which 69 are cancer triggers. One person dies every 6 seconds due to tobacco. Smoking and nicotine can damage your body and reduce your vital powers. You probably know the relation between smoking and cancer but did you know the relation between smoking and coronary heart disease. Smoking can cause cancer of bladder, throat, mouth, pancreas and cervix. Thinking about Quitting !!!

Here are the facts about what makes smoking so dangerous and toxic?

There are about 5000 toxic chemicals in cigarette and majority are harmful to health as described by Center of Disease Control and Prevention 

1,2 Butadiene 

It is a chemical used for manufacture of rubber. It is considered as carcinogenic chemical because it can cause certain type of blood cancer.


It is used to preserve rubber. Some arsenic compounds are directly related to the cancer of the mouth , throat and bladder.   


It is used to manufacture chemicals . It is related to the cancer of blood and can also cause leukaemia. 


It is a chemical and used for the manufacture of batteries. Cadmium and cadmium chemical compounds are related to cancer of rectum , bladder and prostate. 


It is used to make metal paint and dyes, Chromium is related to the lung cancer and causes respiratory tract disorders. 


It is a radioactive chemical and its compounds causes cancer in humans.


It is not a single chemical in fact it describes many chemicals in the tobacco in smoke . It leaves sticky brown residue on the lips, fingernails and lungs.

With these chemicals in cigarette smoke, you need to be extra careful. These chemicals directly reach the bloodstream and makes you feel tired and exhausted with no desire to work. 

On stopping cigarettes there are bound to be withdrawal symptoms which can make it difficult to stop smoking. Make sure that you know what you are putting in your system so that you are aware about the changes your system goes through. These changes have marked adverse effects on your system leading to derangement of health. 

Fighting against cancer caused due to smoking is not easy. It may cause various side effects of chemotherapy which will in  turn be difficult to treat. 

So make sure that you quit smoking with help of Trucare trust to promote a better life and better future.