Many young people get addicted to smoking cigarettes because of various reasons. We all know smoking  cigarettes is harmful for health . Smoking cigarettes can create many health problems which lead to dependency to smoke. When smoking cigarettes is so bad then why do people pick up cigarettes in the first place? This question always arises in our mind about smoking cigarettes. The number one reason being is Nicotine is number one intoxication of feel good factor. There are various reasons that lead to smoking . Read more to know about the five reasons why people love smoking cigarettes !!


Put an end to smoke


Smoking occurs in teenage days. Smoking can create a psychological impact on an individual like “I am tough “. It’s a symbolic message of smoking for a beginner. Children are attracted to this adulthood and turn rebellious in nature to do smoking

Attraction to smoking 

Kids and young age teenagers are very attractive towards smoking and they tend to tag it as “cool behaviour “ which can lead to many health problems.

Living in style 

Some adults find smoking as luxury and want to adapt that lifestyle in the long run. They believe that smoking is a modern habit and signifies a rich man’s behaviour. But it is not only wasting your money but harming your precious life.


Many people think that spending time with friends along with smoking is a great way to socialize. They do it occasional but soon it becomes habit forming and leads to harmful effects.

Stress buster 

People who chronically suffer from stress want some relief to calm down themselves which they get from smoking . A desire to calmness and staying stress free is what some adults achieve from regular smoking  

NICOTINE SMOKING + Triggers = creates the urge to smoke.

The idea behind the entire smoking is to ease the signs and symptoms of stress. When people smoke a dose of nicotine reaches the brain, nicotine helps in improving the concentration power and focus, it also improves mood and decreases stress and anger, relaxes muscles and improve appetite, regular dose of niacin leads to changes in brain which can then lead to withdrawal symptoms when the dose of nicotine reduces

This circle is how most of them become dependent on smoking and enjoy the “care free attitude” that smoking gives.

Social and psychological set also play a important role that causes you to start smoking.



Sleep disturbance

Poor concentration

Craving for nicotine





Increased appetite


Just dealing with smoking is not enough, it’s like dealing with one part of addiction . It will relapse again and reoccur because of triggering factors controlling it . The major triggering factor is STRESS.

One bad day and you will be back with a cigarette in your hand .

Different people have different behaviours. There is no single way to quit. Everybody who quits have a different story but same similarity

Take a breath of fresh air

With cigarette smoke all around , you are losing the oxygenated fresh air of nature which is good for your health. Clean air is essential for healthy lungs. Make sure you breathe clean and safe and away from all harmful effects of smoking. Improve the air quality for everyone by making sure that you stop smoking as soon as possible. Try to stop smoking immediately because you are not only helping yourself but your family members from bad form addiction .

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