Joanne is hiding a dark secret. Her husband has no idea she has racked up millions of dollars in debt as a result of her compulsive online gaming.

John can’t seem to get enough of porn. Not for a few minutes every now and then, but for more than 4 hours every day.

Sarah had turned to alcohol to soothe her tension after a tense day at work. She can no longer go asleep without downing six bottles first.

Ashish requires a cocaine sniff to get him through the day. Without it, he is sluggish and lifeless…

Addiction affects millions of people today, whether it’s to drugs, the internet, food, employment, or gambling. It’s characterised as an overabundance of bodily and/or psychological reliance on something. People who have an addiction have little control over what they do, take, or use. Originally, the substance or activity may have been pursued pleasure, relief, or enjoyment. However, to feel normal over time, continuous interaction with the substance or activity is required.

Addiction can apply to more than only the chemicals we consume; it can also allude to abstract behaviours such as gambling or shopping. Addiction can be divided into two types: drug dependency and behavioural addiction.

Substance dependency (physical addiction) occurs when a person becomes addicted to a substance and develops a tolerance for it (needs increased amounts to experience the effects). When he reduces or stops using, he experiences withdrawal symptoms. The following are some of the most commonly used addictive substances:

a) Opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine, opium) are highly addictive and are often consumed by injecting, smoking, or snorting the substance into your bloodstream. These medicines are used to treat pain and produce a euphoric, relaxed state of mind.

b) Prescription medications (Percocet, hydrocodone, Oxycontin, Vicodin, etc.) This list could continue indefinitely. If medicine or drug is available, it has very certainly been abused!

c) Speed or methamphetamine! This narcotic, which is commonly injected, inhaled, or snorted, has ruined countless lives. It’s extremely addicting, and it may kill you in a matter of years.

d) Cocaine (crack cocaine) is derived from the coco plant’s leaf. This is both very addicting and extremely costly; a lot has been wasted on it.

e) Alcoholic beverages While legal, alcohol in its different forms is highly addictive and is possibly the most abused narcotic on the market.

(f) Tobacco products are once again legal, but they are highly addictive and widely used all over the world.

The consumption of any chemical is not required for behavioural addiction (or psychological addiction). It occurs when someone engages in an activity repeatedly to the point where it has a negative impact on their lives. They can’t seem to stop themselves from participating in the action. Behavioral addiction can have a negative impact on a person’s health, finances, and relationships. The following are the most well-known types of behavioural addictions:

a) Compulsive gambling Those who suffer from this have little control over whether or if they gamble. Despite the bad repercussions and their wish to stop, many are unable to stop gambling. They get a rush from the experience and will keep doing it to receive the same rush over and over again, even if the losses keep piling up.

b) Addiction to pornography When porn becomes so central to a person’s life that they spend hours or days thinking about or watching porn, they have developed a porn addiction. Porn addiction is more than just watching erotica for personal pleasure. Their fixation with porn has a negative impact on their real-life relationships.

c) Compulsive shopping The desire to spend is out of control for a shopper. They feel compelled to purchase stuff that they may not require or desire. They utilise shopping as a coping mechanism for worry and stress. If not managed properly, it can have serious financial ramifications.

d) Addiction to exercise An exercise addict is a person who engages in excessive physical activity. Their obsession with physical activity goes beyond what is required to be fit or train for a certain sport.

e) Addiction to sex Sex addicts utilise sex as a coping method to deal with stress, avoid bad emotions, or obtain a buzz. They don’t use sex to connect with their partner on a personal level. Their sexual behaviour has a negative impact on their life.

f) Addiction to video games Addicts who play video games spend more time doing so than they do in their real life. Playing takes precedence over work, education, and personal relationships for them.

g) Addiction to work A work addict’s life revolves around work, and he is unable to stop thinking or worrying over it. Work addiction can put a person’s mental and physical health, as well as his personal relationships, under a lot of stress.

You are not alone if you find yourself physically or psychologically hooked, and you can ‘break’ the habit, no matter what it is. Don’t give up on yourself; locate a programme that caters to your specific addiction and you’ll be able to break free.

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