Alcohol Use Disorder, Alcoholism, Alcohol Abuse, or Alcohol Addiction is or the same but has its different names, alcohol is one of the basic substances which caused addiction and is one of the most common and readily available substances all across the world. This is one of the most common substances which will be can be the worst for society and can destroy many families if once addicted then it is very difficult to get over the addiction and with the help of the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai. They hold the best facilities to help the addicted people get over their addiction in less time possible, they have the experienced medical faculty, at their best knowledge to help the patients in the situation encountered. The centre tries to give a better living standard to the people, who visit them for the same. Alcohol is like enjoyment when you induce it in the controlled quantity, but it can also turn into the gateway to death if the person induces it in the limitless qualities in his or her human body. Let us first understand who are extroverts and who are introverts.

Extroverts are the people who are with the personality traits of outspoken, outgoing, sociable, meeting people, happy traits, no hesitation in keeping their point of view in front of anybody. An example is like Rohan is an extrovert, he is in his second year of college, and still, he discusses modern business ideas, with his father, who has 17 years of business experience, and his father attentively listens to him. This can be clearly seen that Rohan is an extrovert and has the ability to adjust himself in any of the situations he encounters.

Introverts are the people who are with the personality traits like withdrawn, not so outgoing, not so sociable, like their own company, hesitate to keep their point in front of people, think in many of the different ways. An example can be explained as Mansi is studying in 12th standard of her school, and they are planning to go on a trip to Mumbai, but she thinks, how she will survive alone as she just 2 friends, and due to this she is not telling her parents about this trip. Mansi lacks the personality traits from her own personality which allows human beings to adjust to various kinds of situations.

As you can see introverts are more withdrawn, as compared to the extroverts they are more prone to become regular drinkers in order to relax, or altering their moods in order to forget about the in adjustable situations, they are more prone to visiting Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai, after getting addicted to the alcohol or the other related substances, which can cause inevitable addiction. The most prone age groups of the introvert category are the teenagers and the young adults, they have many hormonal changes, which they find difficult to face and get prone to addiction, as studied from the cases encountered in the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai.