Alcoholism is a serious health problem that needs urgent counselling to rescue the lives of alcohol addicts from darkness and insanity. Alcohol addiction is the brain’s vital disorder that diminishes the addict’s self-control capacity.

Addictions impact the mind and body severely and destroy life. It might also lead to severe health and financial concerns as well. Hence, preventing addiction is highly necessary. There are many indicators that reflect that the person is an alcohol addict, and to give them the best professional treatment, it becomes necessary to recognize and understand certain signs/ symptoms.

Initial stages of substance dependence can be controlled with one’s own intensity and capabilities and the help of friends/family, but only therapeutic attention can help as the addiction of alcohol progresses.

The blog brings to your knowledge some of the most significant indicators of alcohol addiction that suggests that it needs clinical support to handle it. Physical, behavioural, and psychological problems are found in the three main categories of symptoms.

  • Lack of motivation and lethargy: Excessive alcohol obsession prevents the mind from concentrating on some other task. No assignments seem to thrill the addicted, and a lethargic feeling remains along with a decrease in muscle ability.
  • Sudden changes in weight (gain/loss) – In the body structure as well, addiction starts to portray. Due to addiction, certain persons start to have strong cravings for appetite and hence put on too much weight. Hunger disappears for others and they avoid eating, which weakens the body and thus results in unnecessary weight loss. Unwanted weight loss or gain attracts a host of other disorders such as diabetes and concerns with bp.
  • Unexpected changes in personality and mood swings – Alcohol overconsumption also impacts the trust and emotional bond with family and friends. They do not attach or even sustain any connections and choose solitude. Frequent mood swings leading to unnecessary frustration problems are often very normal. The mental disorder tends to regular fighting.
  • Performance drop at work or college – Job or experiments are not interesting anymore. Addicts refuse to pay attention to their jobs and attempt to stop them at the workplace, school, or home. The only priority is to consume alcohol and everything else gets ignored.
  • Changes in sleep pattern – Sleep habits are severely impacted. In their everyday lives, addicts struggle to follow a regimen and sometimes start to sleep at odd hours due to loss of energy and self-control. The other psychological symptoms of severe alcohol consumption are paranoia, mental detachment, unexpected frustration, and anxiousness.

Physical signs of alcoholism are enlarged/ small pupils, poor physical coordination, slurred speech, insomnia, and unusual body odours. Alcohol addiction can lead to fatal diseases of the heart and liver. Other serious impacts can be birth defects, risk of cancer, bone loss, and a weak immune system.

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