Teen Addiction is basically a desire and uncontrolled craving for drugs during adolescence. Many teens start with addictions during their youth years. They feel it’s “cool” to take drugs and fall prey to addiction. Your youth years are very important in life as they help you to grow during that stage.

Having a clear idea about addiction will let you know how people fall prey to addiction. How addiction creates dependence is very important to note so that you can intervene at an early stage. Addiction drugs and substances are everywhere in society. Some of them have been for decades and centuries, while others have cropped up now. Drug abuse and addiction is a societal issue that has never gone away. 

What so if your loved one is addicted and going through signs and symptoms of addiction?

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Treatment centers and rehab centers are helping people to deal with addiction. As a responsible family member of the addict, you should be aware of your loved one’s behavior if they have fallen into addiction. Generally, teens get that drug high and get a feeling of happiness.

Certain substances cause dopamine to stimulate the reward system which creates the feeling of happiness by stimulating the reward system and pleasure activity in the brain. Drugs can have great effects on the brain during the early stage of youth as their brain is under development. The happy feeling produced due to the drug is short-lived and come with health consequences 

Is teen addiction treatable?

Yes, teen addiction can be treated when recognized at an early stage. If parents and family members are more alerts to the lifestyle of teen or friends circle, they can definitely make a difference in their life. Teen addiction is a biological problem and difficult to overcome at the start.

As their emotions go out of control, it can create havoc in the body. There can be a great number of mood disorders with outbursts of emotions like alternate crying and getting angry. To start with initial mood swings, teens may get angry or frustrated at small petty things. They may get impatient and restless as they lose control over the cravings. 

How do teens get hooked to addiction?

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Three of the five teens get attracted to addiction, smoking, and alcohol as they feel it is cool. handling hard times can be a difficult part of the teen’s life. Falling prey to a bad company is very normal. Anyone who is innocent can get addicted to drugs. It is important to note that their brains aren’t fully mature. We know that the human brain isn’t fully mature till the age of 25.

The very last area to develop is the prefrontal cortex. During the development stage, the brain goes through pruning, unused connecting, and neurons. Since the frontal cortex is the last to develop, the teens will be having different kinds of cognition and thinking levels. This includes functions like personality, behavior control, and emotions. 

Until the brain develops fully people will have difficulty in controlling addiction. However, the brighter side is that teens are still malleable. While the older have to work hard to change their habits, the teens are very adaptable and you can change them and help them with more proactive habits that can take care of their future.  

Peer pressure can create a great impact on a teen’s mind. Molding their brains can be very easy.

Proper treatment for teen addiction 

Reach out to us at Trucare Trust so that we can help your loved one save from the adverse effects of addiction. So go ahead and take proper care for counseling which will help them be more positive towards health