A rehab centre is a place that can bring the turning point of your life and transform your life into a different one. Your experience can be scary, but it will give you a chance to adopt a lifestyle that you desired for long but couldn’t do so because you were badly addicted to alcohol. Any alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai has a designed set of rules and regulations on which the program works. Let’s learn the manner of working in a rehab program.


Doors remain open and you get all the freedom that you want, at a rehab centre. There are no locks on the doors, and you can freely roam around at any time. The rehab program works only when you do it willingly. This is the reason why there are no locks and the doors remain open. The people who enter rehab with a mindset that they are going to start drinking all over again then they are probably wasting their time and money too.

First-line treatment

There are in-house detoxification programs at some residential rehab centres. However, most of the rehab centres require that their clients undergo complete detox before entering the centre for the program. Current trends require the clients to undergo a withdrawal process at a facility that deals with alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms. This transition takes place in a short period of time of around five to seven days. This is the first-line treatment at an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

Types of facilities

There are different physical facilities at each residential rehab facility. For the addicted teens- they are primitive camp-type settings and for others, the most luxurious facilities that one can hardly imagine, are available. 

You get what you paid for or what you can really afford for yourself. The extent to which a program has been successful and effective has little to do with the type of physical facilities that the program offers. Before you opt for any facility or treatment then research well about them and about their success rates.

Educating the patient

Educating the patient is the heart of the treatment and rehab program, on which the whole process works. There can be variations depending on the facility. It emphasizes on making you realize your addiction honestly and in a realistic manner. It will also change your attitude about drug usage and alcohol consumption.

Many chronic alcoholics deny quitting the alcohol consumption habit in the initial stage of their recovery. Some addicts hold on to denial about the seriousness of the particular problem. Treatment programs of rehab centres break down that denial of the patient and transform them in a way that they adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Mostly, a trained addiction counselor will give you individual counseling. The session is designed to teach you the values that you will carry with yourself, lifelong and will be away from alcohol. An alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai assumes this as the final step under the rehab program.