A few habits once picked up, are hard to leave. Especially ones like alcohol addiction or substance abuse. It not only has medical impediments but also affects social, personal relationships, work, career, and overall well-being.

Once addicted, it is extremely difficult to give it up, and this is where rehabilitation centres come into play. Alcohol rehabilitation is the process of combining medical and psychotherapeutic treatments to recover from drinking problems. Dedicated Centres like Trucare Trust, a famous alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, provide specialized and focused treatments for patients who are suffering from chronic alcohol dependence.

The main aim of Alcohol rehab centres is to treat the patients to vanquish severe alcoholism, but it comprises of many underlying steps and processes that are necessary to bring out a positive and long-lasting effect. The goals extend to assisting the patients, inpatient or outpatient, to get back to normal life, sans substance abuse, and help them overcome any kind of personal or mental circumstances if any.

It basically attempts to make the patients see the brighter side of life, the worth of our lives, and the sea of chances and happiness ahead. Hence, alcohol rehab centres are not only based on prescription medical treatment but also involves a great deal of counseling.

  • The first step is an assessment of the patient. This is crucial to understand the nature of addiction and its severity and implications. Alcohol affects other body organs as well, hence it is imperative to run a thorough diagnosis to understand the situation.
  • The second step is the gradual detoxification phase. The patients are slowly introduced to programs and methodologies of recovery. In many cases, the doctor or the therapist engages in a detailed discussion with the patient regarding the proceedings, as mutual trust and belief are necessary to make the treatment work.
  • The third and most defining step is the treatment period. With a combination of medications, physical treatments, behavioral recreation, and psychotherapeutic sessions, it is the core of the rehabilitation.
  • The fourth step is re-examination. The patient is tested for progress at the end of the prescribed program and the overall condition is analyzed, depending on which further decision shall be made.
  • The final step consists of follow up check-ups and activities for a period of time post the completion of course at the rehab. Includes public service, social activity, etc. to empower the patients.

Trucare Trust, a truly trusted Alcohol rehab centre in Mumbai focuses on physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual recovery, thus addresses every case with a suitable methodology. Provisions for individual sessions, emotional counseling, feeling management, physical training if required, are available.

Trucare aims for a holistic approach, thus it ensures that the patients receive complete care, in terms of nutrition, exercise, recreation, and leisure.  Alcohol affects the person at various levels. Hence, complete healing of the body, mind, and soul can be achieved if the addiction is tackled at every level. The key to a good recovery is the consistency, which is ensured by several follow up sessions and activities.

Hence if you are looking for an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, be sure to contact the professionals at Trucare trust today.