Smoking ruins your life. That’s the truth. It is a lifestyle addiction which needs to be taken care off. Smoking is perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying. Smoking not only affects the physical and mental well being but also kills your life by bad habits. No matter how you smoke tobacco is injurious to health.There are no safe substances in tobacco, they contain nicotine and carbon monoxide which is injurious to health.Smoking can cause many bad effects on the body. The substances you inhale not only affect your lungs but they can affect your entire body. Smoking causes long term complications. It affects the entire system from head to toe.Learn about symptoms and overall effects of smoking below. 


Smoking is a stimulant that can temporarily put you in a good mood but later on cause withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness which is more marked in patients who try to quit smoking.One of the major ingredients is nicotine which is a mood altering drug and this leads to mood swings in the long run. 


Getting bouts and spells of anger is one of the major effects in not receiving a cigarette. This could lead to a major effect on the central nervous  system and could lead to violence. 


Smoking can affect your health to a great extent with Anxiety and Irritability: Missed your cigarette break. It might lead to anxiety and irritability which 


This is common in patients who smoke. It might lead to stress or tension headaches if they are not able to cope up with smoking habits.


You will lose sensitivity to taste buds and smell. Loss of senses is one of the effects of smoking. 


Women who smoke can lead to early menopause than non-smokers. It can lead to early signs of aging.


There is marked reduction in weight  on smoking cigarettes. The only reason behind reduction in weight is that the person has loss of appetite, that is he does not feel hungry. This changes the nutritional effects on the body. 


The lungs are the major site which are affected by smoking. It may lead to effects of difficulty in breathing , chronic bronchitis , Chronic Obstructive lung disease and Lung cancer. These diseases are chronic and require long term medication. 


Nicotine causes the blood vessel to tighten and decreases the blood flow to various parts of the body,This also causes constriction of arteries and deposits of the plaque which leads to hardening of the arteries. The restricted blood flow reduces the oxygen carrying capacity and the nutrients to the other parts of the body. This may lead to heart attack or stroke in the long run.


Cigarette smoking leads to early signs of aging like dry hair, dry skin. People who smoke as compared to non-smokers age faster in life. They have a dehydrated look of skin, body and hair. Your fingernails are not immune to smoking, there is brownish deposits with fungal infection of nails 


Smoke causes increased effect on the digestive system affecting the mouth, larynx and esophagus when the smoke is inhaled. The major effect of mouth cancer that leads to long term health problems.


Nicotine reduces the blood flow to the sexual organs of the body. Smoking causes lower sex hormone both in men and women. This can possibly reduce the sexual desire.

Now you now that smoking is harmful to health  

Quitting smoking is difficult but we can make a plan and advise you accordingly how to defeat smoking and overcome the adverse effects of smoking . Connect with TRUCARE TRUST for better results and long term improvement.