Much debate exists regarding the sources of addiction, most of which is based on the fact that it is a combination of both physical and psychological factors. Utilizing certain drugs like heroin or methamphetamine can create an almost certain risk of developing an addiction no matter who comes into contact with them. On the contrary, addictions to behaviors such as shopping or overeating happen in only a minority of cases with the majority using them in moderation.

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Addiction is associated with the following risk factors:


It is widely accepted that addictions, such as alcoholism, can be inherited. People from affected families are more predisposed to struggling with the disease themselves. Similarly, those from a family history of addiction are more likely to battle another form of addiction – such as compulsive eating or being a workaholic. Even when individuals have been taken away from their addicted parents and brought up by non-dependent adults, there is still an increased possibility for them to suffer from addiction issues. Environmental matters may also contribute significantly; however, it does not erase the potential risks passed down genetically.


A child raised by an alcoholic or drug addict is more likely to view substance abuse as acceptable behavior, making them more likely to become addicted themselves. A lower incidence of addiction has been observed in individuals from countries where taking certain substances or engaging in addictive behaviours is frowned upon or hard to obtain, suggesting environmental factors may be involved.


Addicts are more likely to be sexual, psychological, emotional, or physical abuse survivors. Addiction becomes a coping mechanism, helping the addict to handle strong negative emotions surrounding the abuse, feelings of severe low self-esteem, and possible flashbacks.


A person with an emotional disorder, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is more likely to abuse drugs and engage in addictive behaviours, particularly if they have been misdiagnosed. It is common for individuals to self-medicate and escape the symptoms of their primary disorder by using drugs, alcohol, food, exercise, or work Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai – Trucare Trust is here to help you recover from drug and alcohol addiction.


Certain substances are more addictive than others, and drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine have a higher risk of full-blown addiction because they cause dependence after just a few uses.


It is common for addicts of all types to have a low frustration tolerance. Stress has a negative effect on addicts, as they often experience distress at a relatively low level of frustration. They become easily upset over everyday stress factors, creating a need for escape, which they find in their addictions.


Regardless of the cause of addiction, there is no absolute solution. Today, there are numerous options available to those who wish to stop and stay sober.



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