Is your dear one having problems of addiction ?Are you having problems dealing with addiction to your parents, spouse or child  ?Coming out of addiction is not easy. You need not strive for better care in case of addiction. Addiction should not be dealt alone. Our team can help you strive for addiction.We have a solution if you are striving from addiction.  

If these problems of addiction occur we are there to help you

Remember dealing with an addict and addiction can be stressful. It requires patience and calmness  to be kindly dealing with Tender Love Care . 

How to deal with the addict 

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When a person struggles with drug abuse they are likely to struggle with health issues which are related to physical and mental level. They are likely to cause suffering with loved ones , parents and family members.

It’s important for you to have correct knowledge of how to deal with addicts and their addiction . 

Those who love a person struggling with addiction may force them to get help. Even if the patient agrees they may find it difficult to give up addiction. 

Addiction is not a choice that the patient can control , it is a compulsion 

The reward center in the brain forces them to have cravings for drugs . It can be difficult to deal with addiction on a long term basis and relapse is likely possible. 

If you live socialize or work with a drug addict you may spend most of the time thinking how to help that person 

Finding that line between saving someone or saving yourself is not easy especially if you are a spouse close relative or parent of a child . They are quite valuable to you and you want the best possible intervention and treatment for them. When you are dealing with addict and addiction its important to remember. 

Addiction is a compulsion and disorder that leads to craving of that particular drug. You become dependent on that drug as the brain loses all its control and comes under the influence of the drug 

Drug dependency can drive a person to steal, hurt or lie 

Recovery is possible but relapse is always common 

Family support from the near and dear ones can make a lot of difference in that addict’s life 

Families need support to deal with patient who is addicted 

What’s the solution ?

Loved ones have great influence on the drug users .

Gathering loved ones together at a stage of intervention can help a addict to overcome drug addiction 

Remember just like your group of friends provoke you to try a drug or start smoking for the first time, in the same way a group of loved ones can be truly beneficial to you . This is therapy when you get supportive treatment from your family member. 

Even just sitting with the person and talking about their concern in calm and clear voice can be a great deal to them 

It assures them that there can be help offered to eliminate addiction from their life.

You can show love and support by extending boundaries to wars the use of drugs 

Seek out education and support of healthy ways to interact with the patient. 

Do not shout at them or force them on anything . But yes when it comes to addiction stop them politely and sternly. 

Keep them occupied: Keeping them occupied for long hours is the best way to distract their brain which is used to addiction . 

Stick to good behaviour . Set your boundaries well that you will not tolerate it . 

Talk to professionals about their health like counselors and doctors. Do not try to do it alone 

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