Myth 1: The first myth is that people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol chose to use them in the first place, so essentially they chose to become addicted.


It’s true that many people start using drugs or alcohol with intent, but becoming addicted was never part of the plan. What starts as a casual use can quickly become frequent use, and the more they consume, the more their bodies and brains adapt to needing it. Over time, addiction takes control and compulsive behaviours rear their head, as drugs and alcohol alter the brain’s natural functions – soon it consumed with getting the next hit. Choosing to keep using is no longer something done consciously – addiction has taken hold Trust the leading Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai.


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Myth 2: Addicts are terrible, bad, insane, and immoral.


Addiction is a disease that impacts the body and brain in many ways. It is thought to be genetic or passed down through generations. It affects how someone’s moods, memory, motor skills, and more are processed due to tiny changes in molecules and cells. This can motivate an addict to seek out more of the substance they are addicted to as the craving becomes overwhelming. Despite what one may think, addiction does not make someone terrible or immoral; it consumes them and they are unable to stop it on their own.


Myth 3: The addict must want treatment for it to work.


The obvious answer for why most users are reluctant to have treatment is because they won’t be able to access drugs or alcohol anymore. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily determine the outcome of a rehab program; whether a person was mandated by court or is voluntarily attending does not hinder the success rates. A quality treatment center will still provide advantage for the person – despite their reluctance for attending in the first place.


Myth 4:A fourth myth is that users and addicts won’t seek help until they’ve hit their ‘rock bottom’, so parents and families should wait until the addict reaches their ‘rock bottom’ before seeking treatment.


Almost everyone enters treatment before reaching their personal ‘rock bottom’. It’s best not to wait until it’s too late because ‘rock bottom’ could mean death or serious disability. People admit to having problems, but it is always best when they admit they have a problem. Now is the time to act.


Myth 5: Drug and alcohol addicts are hopeless and a waste of time.


Addiction is a chronic disease and battle with which recovering addicts must stay vigilant throughout their lives. But no one is hopeless, as addicts can achieve sobriety and lead healthy, productive lives if maintaining that sobriety remains the top priority. Of course, other factors such as family, work and other obligations can complicate matters, perhaps leading to relapse. However, following up treatment with dedicated aftercare – including Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and regular conversations with sponsors – will help to reduce the chances of relapse occurring.


Many of the beliefs people have about addiction and recovery are completely untrue. Education and awareness can help combat these vicious myths, but it is up to addicts and the public to be diligent about seeing the truth.

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