Smoker’s mind is very difficult to analyze. You need a special expertise to dig a smoker’s mind. A smoker is hooked on cigarettes and addicted to it. Nothing else is there in his mind other than smoking . Read on to know the smoker’s mind and changes that take place in his health. 

Some believe that consumption of cigarettes improves energy levels and makes you calm . However it is not true, Actually smoking increases the chances of making you fatigued and causes chronic stress.

Cigarettes can drain your energy level 

How nicotine reduces energy levels 

Ask any smoker and they will probably tell you that smoking them a boost or punch to their energy levels and thinking. This is because of stimulants found in nicotine , which is found in the tobacco product. Nicotine effects are short lived energy the bloodstream and : 

Affects brain 

Boost energy levels 

Reduces stress 

Levels crash very quickly and smokers begin to feel agitated. Further energy and mood levels decline below  pre smoking levels. That means a smoker has to light up to feel good . But this lowers the energy of the feel good hormones in the long run.

Smoking has a negative impact on energy levels . It makes you feel tired and exhausted in the long run. It loses your capacity to think . the oxygen carrying capacity to the lungs and brain reduces leading to low flow of oxygen levels in the body. Smokers suffer from a wide range of complications and various health problems. Reduced oxygen supply to the lungs and other parts of the body takes a toll on the health leading to many health problems.Over time this can lead to fatigue and tiredness. 

What goes through a smoker’s mind from the moment they start smoking ?

smoker's mind

From the moment they light up their cigarette one thing that goes in their mind is to smoke for good and the craving they get for smoking is difficult to be suppressed. Many smokers talk about the fact that they were simply addicts who picked up smoking to reduce their craving levels. This craving is also known as addiction. 

The psychology of smoking 

Seeing friends smoking ,watching smoking in movies and the smell of smoke increases the desire to smoke.. It is not just a craving , infact its an addiction that needs to be taken care of. 

Majorities of smokers experience 


Improvement in mood 

Get a punch or HIGH KICK in their mood 

Mood disorders

Nicotine creates a great impact on the brain causing it to slow down thus reducing the power of the brain. It also affects the brain chemistry and the brain metabolism thus reducing the functional capacity of the brain to rationalize and work 

This makes you more dependent on cigarettes in the long run as it gives a kick start to your brain . A sudden rush of increasing the power levels of the brain and as soon as you stop smoking,it causes a sudden decline in the power levels thus affecting your brain strength. The power to think is a process which cannot be seen. It can just be felt .

Smoking is more than just a habit !!

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Understanding the habit is very important so that you can overcome the obstacles to tackle it . 

The next step is to come up with strategies to tackle it which is very important. 

Understanding the psychological role can create a big impact on the habit of smoking . 

If you are thinking to quit smoking get started here. We can help you with it . 

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The steps we follow that can help you quit smoking 

Check out your smoking habits 

Know the withdrawal symptoms 

How to overcome and eliminate this habit from your life . 

Some herbal medicines can help . 

Switch to these tips and talk to us at Trucare trust so that we can help you in the long run and assure you great relief and healthy life .