Staying in a balanced state of mind is the need of the hour and you acknowledging is important that you need mental help. Due to COVID Isolation, Many people are facing mental health issues these days and need mental help. It is important to look into the mental aspect of many people these days so that mental help can be received to each and every patient. More people are coming up with their mental health issues and pointing them out to your dear ones for the solution for mental help. Approach your parents if you suffer from mental health issues !!!

When you feel lonely or low, don’t we approach our parents for the same? We do right for mental help !!!

Similarly, it’s important to approach your parents, irrespective of your age when you need mental help before you fall prey to those antipsychiatric pills and medicines which are no good to you in long run.

We should learn from the fact that taking pills and medicines is not the right solution to good mental health. Find the right answer with the care and affection provided by parents.

Remember approaching your parent for a correct solution will help you overcome the negative impact on mental health

One thing that you need the most when suffering from mental health issue is “EMOTIONAL SUPPORT” for GOOD MENTAL WELL BEING


Remember that you need emotional support from you dear ones to overcome mental health issues.

The brain chemistry is not easy to understand. There are many neurons and neurotransmitters which keep you in a healthy mind frame. Taking pills unknowingly is not the correct way to deal with. You need to consider two important aspects for better mental health

Emotional support and guidance from parents

Professional counselling from a doctor

Top 10 tips on how to tell your parents you need help.

1) Have faith in yourself

Do not lose hope that the mental illness cannot be cured. It has a solution when dealt with care

2)Break the cycle of mental illness

Do not overthink.

Make a steady and faster approach to your parents so that you don’t involve your time overthinking.

 3)Refraining from not telling minor mental health issues can lead to a major illness like depression, anxiety,  bipolar disorder or addiction which are difficult to be dealt with.

Acknowledging that you need mental help is required.

It should be treated at the correct time

4)Under direct care and guidance of parents:

Half the battle is won during the treatment of mental issues when you receive correct guidance and when you are under the direct care of your guardian or parent

 5)Venting out is the right solution

Crying and venting out with your loved one is the best solution one can think of.

You are human and you need mental help that is important to understand.

You feel safe and protected when you discuss the issues with your parent no matter what your age is.

 6) Negative impact on mental health

Remember approaching your parent for a correct solution will help you overcome the negative impact on mental health

Feeling of hopelessness, helplessness and despair are normal. You need to come out of that and think about  yourself first and what is good for you

7) Don’t think what others will think about you

Be positive about your health

You need to overcome the mental health issues

Think about yourself and your mental health issued and look out for the solution with your parents.

  8) Share your problem

The more you share, the lesser the problem

You will rediscover yourself for better

 9) Voice out your mental health issues

Clearing your doubt about mental health issues will make you less dependant on others.

Your state of mind needs to be clear and with proper solution

 10 ) Go for professional help

If you need help first take your parent’s guidance

Then approach a professional counselor before approaching a doctor who will give you pills to pop in .

Take a definitive approach


Q1 “It seems hard to express thoughts what I feel about my mental health to my parents” this question wanders your mind?

Remove all the negative thoughts from your mind and approach your parent with the desire to talk.

It is important to talk out which will make you feel better.

Talk therapy is a better to approach and an easy way to express

Q2 “Talking seems too hard and making eye contact is difficult with parents while sharing about mental health issues” Dealing with this question in your mind?

Learn to write out your thoughts through the letter, Email or text message which can make you feel better.

Start a conversation with your parents and gets into the depth of it.

A conversation will make you feel better just like talk therapy.

Q3 What if parents get upset after knowing your mental illness problem?

Remember that your parents care for you.

You can politely inform them that you need a professional doctor help or get counselling done from your parents before you are diagnosed with any mental disorder

Q4 “How will your parents react to the fact that you have mental health issue” Does this bother you?

Before it turns into bothersome mental illness, it is better to discuss with parents.

You are not only helping yourself but also them as you don’t want to be dependant in getting treated for Long term mental illness.

Taking a short term course is better than life long medicines

Q5 Do you feel scared of facing parents with a mental health issue?

There are many thoughts running in your mind and Not to forget, these are negative thoughts.

Just brush them off, take a deep breath and approach your parents with the light head rather than heavy-headed full of negativity.

Q6 “Nobody has a solution to deal with this mental illness” This question comes to your mind?

Talking with parents is better to approach.

Even if there is no solution, you can hope for a better tomorrow.

Do not worry you are not alone

You have your parents beside you