Alcohol consumption is a socially accepted phenomenon that in fact has been part of a large number of cultures since ancient times. However, many people make excessive and very long alcohol consumption over time and end up acquiring dependency on this substance. Families and the surrounding area typically do not know what to do and how to deal with this issue, frequently blaming the subject or claiming not to know or explain their behaviors. But such behaviors do not help the patient but can actually complicate his condition. So here are some guidelines to support an alcoholic:


  1. The Environment Must Recognize The Problem

First level to understand is not to excuse or neglect the subject’s behavior and excessive alcohol consumption. The subject suffering from this disorder or disease carries out alcohol consumption that is dangerous and has a large number of short and long-term consequences. It is important to keep this point in mind, whether the subject is capable of identifying and recognizing their problem or is not aware of it.


  1. Take a Helping Position And Not Blame

It can be simple that the frustration and pain caused by the state of our friend, partner, family member or loved one, or his conduct or perceptible absence of intention to change, lead us to blame him for the situation. This fact does not help the subject, but can generate reactance and in result subject starts drink more to avoid discomfort. It is not about pretending that nothing is happening, but rather addressing the issue directly but adopting an empathetic attitude that allows the subject to be approached in a proactive and collaborative way.


  1. Maintain Some Degree of Control

The subject with alcoholism is someone with profound difficulties in controlling alcohol intake, this loss of control being the most defining aspect of this disorder. Although it is not a question of exercising continuous control of every gesture you make, it is advisable to maintain some control over your situation. One of the ways of doing it is through money management, in such a way that you can control the amount that the subject carries and what is spent, and even what depending on how.


  1. Go to Professionals

Alcoholism is a serious condition, a chronic disorder whose existence can endanger the life of those who suffer from it. That is why it is essential to go to some type of professional in order to treat the different elements that condition and maintain alcohol consumption. In extreme cases, it can be very useful to go to a detoxification center. It is advisable to take an interest and actively participate in therapy.


  1. Relapse Prevention

This is a fundamental aspect in all addictions. The treatment can be successful, but the existence of different stressors or situations can generate a relapse in alcoholism. That is why, just as it is already done in therapy, we take into account the need to work on its prevention.

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