Smoker’s Cough is a very common symptom associated with smoking. A persistent cough is very commonly found in smokers. People who are addicted to smoke can have a major problem dealing with various disorders right from physical health to mental health. Nowadays, coronavirus has emerged as a pandemic which is having a leading symptom like a cough. Smoking addiction can put your body at higher risk of developing a cough. Read more to learn about a few tips which can help protect you from a smoker’s cough. Remember, a smoker’s cough is not only harmful to the addict but is also detrimental for their families. 

Could Coronavirus increase the chances of a smoker’s cough?

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If a person who smokes develops COVID 19, they are more likely to develop a severe case of covid 19 than those with a non-smoking history. This means if a person smokes and catches COVID 19, they are more likely to be admitted to the Intensive care Unit, placed on a ventilator, or die with illness. Tobacco products can make lung infection worse. People who smoke have a higher risk of developing chronic pulmonary disease. COPD is a long term disease that affects how well air flows through the lungs 

How does smoking weaken body infections?

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Smoking can weaken the body’s natural immunity and the natural defense power of the body. Tobacco has a direct effect on your physical generals like blood pressure, respiratory rate, and temperature making you more susceptible to infection. Smoking causes damage to cilia which are hair-like structures that line the lungs allowing the air to move in and out. This makes it easier for any kind of infection to reach inside the lungs. 

Smoking can increase the spread of coronavirus. Smoking can make your lungs weak and make you more prone to infection. People often confuse a smoker’s cough with an allergic cough. Coughing makes it easier for infections to spread. Most of the respiratory diseases spread through the lungs and airborne infection. This makes it easier for the virus and infection to spread to other people. 

Why is it important to quit smoking for a better solution to a smoker’s cough?

It is important for people to make an effort to quit smoking. It not only helps you with better solutions but also your children, family members, and loved ones who are unknowingly indulging in passive smoking. 

Use nicotine patch and gum: Using nicotine patch and gum together can help you a great deal to quit smoking and develop a chronic cough.

Pair medications with expert coaching and support: Remember quitting smoking is not an easy job. You can be dependent on anti-psychotic medicine which can make you dull, sleepy, and low. A strong mentoring and long term support from your counselor can not only help you give up smoking but can make your life more productive. Ask your doctor how to go smoke-free. .You are not just taking care of your lungs but also taking care of mental health

Listening and understanding smoker’s cough

Listening to someone with chronic cough can be very irritating and unfortunately many people leave this cough untreated and stay living with it.  Listening to different types of cough can let us know the underlying cause. Smoker’s cough may be dry, tickly, or wet cough which can be difficult to expectorate. People with smoker’s cough are easier to be judged with their personality and behavior. If you want a perfect hit on the smoker’s cough and recognize it, make sure that you ask patient about their family and past history which will give a clear cut idea about their health 

So step forward and indulge in the treatment plan for cough which will make a better tomorrow for yourself. Get started with your treatment plan at Trucare trust today.