Understand the science behind addiction !!!

When you have an addiction to a particular lifestyle of smoking or drinking , it means you are habituated to it. It’s important to deal with these issues with TLC ( Tender Love Care ).Understanding addiction is not easy. What a patient goes through is quite a unique feeling. We need to understand the mindset of patients so that correct advice can be given on how to take care of his health and mental health issues. Addiction is difficult to be treated and more difficult to be cured . A correct guidance is required for the family member and the patient to be handled well.

Why do we need to deal with TLC while treating patients who have addiction problems ?

Remember it could be because of stress or anxiety or any mental health issue that the patient is faced with and that has led to addiction . We need to give them appropriate care and affection and treat them well to overcome this addiction . Tender love care is the actual and excellent solution to patient suffering from withdrawal symptoms

What is addiction ?

Addiction is a complex condition, It is a brain disorder where you are forced to taken in harmful substances into your system to which you are habitual .

What are habit forming substances ?

When you start depending on various substances that you are habituated to it is termed as habit forming substances like drug dependency.some of the substances that you are habituated to are as follows:

Dependency on allopathic medicines.

What are withdrawal symptoms?

If you have been using drugs with high potential of dependency and cut down drastically it may lead to certain withdrawal symptoms like:
Trembling of hands
Changes in appetite
Changes in mood
Muscle pain
Runny nose
Sleeping difficulty

Follow the simple rules for de- addiction

1) Have faith
2) Don’t give up
3) Keep yourself occupied
4) Switch to exercise
5) Overcome all negative thoughts
6) Reached out to your loved ones
7) Sleep well
8) Eat right food
9) Get emotional support
10) Talk to us : Talk therapy helps . Approach us at the Trucare Rehab center and get your self treated with TLC

Motive of Trucare Rehab center

1) To help the patients to deal with addiction
2) To take care of your withdrawal symptoms
3) Provide you with TLC Tender Love care that’s what Trucare is all about.
4) We work from the root cause of addiction
5) We provide the much need guidance and advice for the family member as well as the patient
6) Motivation and support is needed for the patient . This is provided with substantial care.
7) “Living is joy”is nurtured to revive them and creating the best approach to get them on the right track is what is needed .
8) Taking care of the patient from admission and till the entire process of journey
9) Detoxicating his body of the drug dependency
10) Provide him  Tender Love care  (TLC) at its best .

Love, care and support is what the patients need and his should be provided under the right guidance and right medical care . With your services we can rebuild your confidence and allow you to have faith in your self. Choose us for all the support and needs so that we can help you overcome and defeat addiction in the right way. Make best of your mental health by making a correct choice to deal with addiction. You know better about your mental health. Make a initiative sooner before its too late and make the correct choice to deal with it . Remember with Tender Love care you can overcome and defeat alcoholism or smoking or any kind of drug dependency.