Addiction can negatively affect individuals battling with substance abuse and their families. Speaking about substance abuse and addiction in a family setting usually demands professional help. Get expert support from leading therapists at rehabilitation centers in Mumbai, India.

Abuse and addiction can destroy family dynamics, consume trust, and decrease communication. Family members who encounter a loved one battling with a substance use disease remain a host of extreme emotions. Family members may feel at a loss while seeing a loved one found in the holds of substance abuse.

Despite this, the family can support their loved one to obtain and sustain sobriety. However, seeing a loved one fight, family members can and ideally play a vital role in the treatment method. The part of the family in addiction recovery is essential and crucial. Drug addiction treatment centers in Mumbai, India offer Family Support Program that provides constructive support to the addict.

The role of the family in the Abuser’s Life

A family affected by substance abuse inescapably develops into a dysfunctional system. In this method, members unknowingly take on “tasks” to cope with the sick system. These functions have been called many things2, and this is an alternative of what they are and whereby they work to escape.

The Rescuer or Hero

The Rescuer or Hero is the “luminous star” in the addictive family system. They see good, accomplish well, and never make the family down. They reimburse for the shame the family feels around the addict by being the family superstar. They may reach for the individual, attempting to make the individual with the substance use disorder look pleasing to everyone.

The Amulet

The Amulet provides “humorous relief” for the hyper-stressed family. Sometimes the mood is tactlessly aimed at the person suffering the substance use disorder. They use humor to reduce the effort in situations and to deflect hurt. This usually becomes a maladaptive coping skill.

The Lost Child

The Lost Child covers out both physically and emotionally. They can be calculated to “not shake the boat.” They evade struggle and suppress their sentiments. They do not consume the limited emotional resources of the family but sustain intensely.

The Substitute

The Substitute is the person in the family who is condemned. The Scapegoat generates other problems and matters to divert attention away from the original issue. They are very successful at misled the family and others from the addicted individual.

The Enabler/Rescuer/Caregiver

The Enabler treats the addicted individual by rationalizing their behaviors. They are reluctant or incapable of holding the individual responsible for their activities. They ease conditions and run interference to control the addict from experiencing their poor choices’ logical outcomes. This behavior often springs from their desire to avoid humiliation and embarrassment.

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Addiction is a family illness that intervenes with whole life and essential duties and routines. It becomes a fascination in which they would do anything to feed the addiction. Those who knew the person before they started using substances may feel that their personality has become unrecognizable. Drug addiction rehabilitation centers in India are comfortable facilities where patients are treated with love, care, and concern