When you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or smoke, your sleep and wake cycle is affected leading to increased chances of Insomnia. Insomnia can lead to many disorders that can affect your mental and physical health. If you are dependent on addiction, dealing with sleep can be a major problem. Sleep gives you rest and the perfect time to reboot your system and channelize your energy in the right direction. 

Disturbance in sleep due to addiction

Dealing with Insomnia is not easy especially when addiction goes hand in hand. Sleep is necessary for survival and good health. The individual requirement of sleep varies from 6 – 10 hours. Most people sleep at night. However many people sleep during the day. Sleep benefits help in restorative effects of the body. There is no harm in taking an afternoon nap. But it is better to sleep between 10:30 pm to 6:30 am. When this sleep pattern cycle is disturbed due to any mental health system

Ill effects of Insomnia due to addiction 

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If you are not sleeping well, your productivity will be affected leading to problems in focusing and concentration. It becomes difficult to help the addict if he is not sleeping well. The mental health can go for a toss if the addict does not take care of the sleeping hours. So make sure that you take care of the quality of sleep. Even if you sleep for 4 hours at night, improvise on the quality of sleep rather than the number of hours.

If you are not sleeping well, it can lead to anxiety and depression along with mood disorders. This can give rise to addiction to reduce your stress levels. Anxiety and depression can further lead to taking antidepressants which can be harmful to your health. Again these medications can be addictive. These medications can make you more dependent. 

Why do addicts face problems with sleep?

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Substances like drugs and alcohol can have a major impact on the body even when you aren’t actually in your system anymore, even if you are in recovery, their effects could be hindering your sleep. To best treat your system, you must first understand how substance use affects your body and its ability to rest. No matter the stage of the drug you are at – whether you use it regularly or in the withdrawal phase, your addiction has more to do with restlessness. Although many people drink alcohol to unwind, it ultimately ends up working against you. 

So exactly what kind of sleep problems can alcohol or substance addiction cause?

There are a range of symptoms including 

Sleep apnea 

Trouble falling asleep 

Trouble staying asleep 

Disturbance in sleep cycles. 

Excessive fatigue during the day. 

Unfortunately, this battle doesn’t end so easily and can cause many recovering addicts to relapse. Recovery addiction is difficult and you need to pull up the socks to make things work for you. If you are still using drugs or alcohol, you will need to be careful when addressing any sleep issues. Never mix any substances or medications with your addiction treatment from drug rehab. If you believe that your habit is having a direct impact on your sleep, this is something you need to rectify. 

So get started with your treatment for your sleep disorders and take the correct decision for your healthy sleep and peaceful rest which will activate your system. Get your sleep and wake cycle in place with correct guidance from the drug rehab center. Start your treatment plan today with Trucare trust at the best drug rehab center which will help to make your life healthy. so make sure you take care of your health and sleep cycle in the initial stages of addiction.