Trucare Trust Best Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India Tue, 05 May 2020 06:04:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Trucare Trust 32 32 175699221 Top Benefits of Seeking Help of Rehabilitation Centres Tue, 05 May 2020 06:02:14 +0000 All addiction treatment treatment centres where drug and alcohol addiction are treated are called rehabilitation centre. There are no strict restrictions on access to rehabilitation centres.  Many charities are also working to provide free treatment to the poor who come to rehabilitation centers.

Rehabilitation centers treat all types of addictions and provide facilities for all types of people, rich or poor. There are several benefits of rehabilitation centers. These benefits are:


The environment of these rehabilitation centers is safe and carries the signs of natural environment. These rehabilitation centers also have facilities for fresh air, plants etc. which play an important role in curing the patients from their disease.


Almost everyone with an addiction has the same mindset. Some specialists are needed to treat such people.  This facility is available to patients in rehabilitation centers.  This is an important benefit of rehabilitation centers.


Another benefit of rehabilitation center is that here special care is taken of the daily routine of the patients. Addiction patients take care of everything from eating, sleeping, and waking up, exercising in these rehabilitation centers’ think, this is the best quality of these centers.


Patients’ endurance is enhanced in rehabilitation centers.  They are told that they will stay away from what they are addicted to and will not think about it anymore and are treated with the help of medicine. For this purpose, the organization also fully cooperates with the people. And the people are also helped through medicine.


Many people with some form of addiction want their condition to go unnoticed.  That is why when these people enter the rehabilitation centers, they request the institution that only those close to them can meet them and no one else. The organization agrees with them and takes away some of their worries.


These institutions are useful for improving the physical and mental condition of human beings.  These institutions treat human beings in such a way that human beings soon see themselves as healthy and fit. The most important benefit of these institutions is that they treat people in a different way, adopting their style.


One of the major benefits of these rehabilitation centers is that patients recover quickly and return home. Here people are provided with a home-like environment and facilities.  At the same time, people feel at ease in nature by seeing the natural scenery here.


One of the major benefits of these rehabilitation centers is that after getting treatment from here, people do not become emaciated and dependent, but go home on their own after being strong and healthy.


One of the many benefits of rehabilitation centers is that they completely eliminate the stress of the patients who come here and make the person a laughing and full of life. No matter how many worries a person has in his mind before coming here, after treatment he feels peace of mind and body.  This is an important feature of these rehabilitation centers.


After coming to these rehabilitation centers, a person’s mood begins to improve.  The irritability in human nature is slowly disappearing.


What is special about these institutions is that they reduce people’s addiction through their treatment. In the beginning, people also have a problem, but through the continuous day and night treatment and therapy of these institutions, the habit of addiction in people gradually starts to disappear and at some point, it also happens that this addiction of people disappears completely.

These are the benefits of all rehabilitation centers that people can benefit from whenever they want.

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Helping A Family Member Or Friend With Drug Abuse and Addiction Problems Mon, 20 Apr 2020 07:39:03 +0000 Family and friends are often the first to realize that something is wrong, while the addict is often unable to recognize that he or she has a problem. However, many abusers feel alone, isolated and even rejected by family and friends, making the decision to seek treatment very difficult for them. In such a situation, many families focus only on trying to help the patient, however, they are not aware that they must also take care of themselves since the pain and disorientation produced by this process can generate emotional exhaustion. Here are some guidelines for helping someone who uses drugs

  1. Search For Information

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if a person is using drugs or not. Symptoms that may indicate problem substance use include: Sudden mood swings, Abandonment, Sleep disturbances, Agitation, nervousness, red eyes, dilated or contracted pupils, and frequent nosebleed. Look for detailed information on the signs and symptoms of drug use, to find out if your friend, family member or partner is really using.

  1. Do Not Wait For The Problem To Get Worse

You do not have to wait until the situation is terribly serious to be able to help the drug addict. Early identification and early treatment will help you to deal with situation effectively and efficiently. You have to offer help at the first symptoms. People tend to recover more quickly if they receive help and treatment early.

  1. Seek Support For Yourself

In order to help a drug addict, you will first need to have great emotional stability, since you will have to face various discussions, threats, crises and relapses. Centers in order to seek knowledge to deal with addict. There you will find help for yourself and also tools that you can use to help your loved one overcome the problem of drug use.

  1. Take Action

The moment you tell addicts what you plan to do, you must be convinced that you will comply with what you say, they should not be just threats. For example, you can tell the drug addict that he will not be allowed to enter the home if he is under the influence of drugs. You must comply with what you say strictly, because otherwise your words will lose credibility.

  1. Search And Offer Possible Treatments

There are several therapies which adapt to the addict’s various physical, psychological, emotional and social conditions. In each scenario, the most suitable therapy depends on the severity of the problem. Search your environment for the different treatment possibilities that exist for drug addiction cases.

  1. Do Not Expect Magical Results

Addiction is a serious condition and can be managed, although it takes a long time to heal it. And it’s common to have recurrences or relapses. Do not expect quick results and that relapses do not discourage you. Offering help, love and support to a loved one with a drug problem can be a difficult task.

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Advantages of Visiting a De-Addiction Center Fri, 17 Apr 2020 03:57:23 +0000 Drug or alcohol addiction is responsible for millions of shattered lives. Most of the people who have problems are teenagers and the elderly. The most common substances are cocaine, alcohol, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and other synthetic drugs. Physical and mental habit let you to lose control of your life and let the dependence control you. This is troublesome yet not feasible. Numerous patients at the De-Addiction centers in Mumbai concede that dependence on the drug will prompt a lifetime hopelessness and desperation. The obtaining treatment for substance addiction has its advantages when you follow a proper channel. These centers are popular for their fruitful chronic drug treatment administrations. Here are a few benefits of entering a De-Addiction center.

  • Drug Detoxification

Detoxification is a process of cleansing the body of substances. De-Addiction centers provide 24-hour home detoxification. It can be extremely difficult and, for some people, very difficult to control. Detox removes the influence of drugs from your body. Detox helps reduce physical drug dependency.

  • Drug Treatment Structure

De-Addiction focuses wide systems that gives patients no entertainment time. It stops the addict from focusing on drugs, making them less likely to need and relapse.

  • 24 Hour Supervision

You will have professional support throughout the day. Most patients suffer from withdrawal symptoms in the early stages and relapse in the later stages of recovery. Supervision allows patients to seek medical and emotional help to reduce these symptoms and chances of relapse.

  • No Access to Drugs

Patients hospitalized in drug rehabilitation centers remain on the premises. This isolates them from the opportunity to access illegal drugs. It is the safest measure for people in the early stages of recovery. At the other hand, outpatients are at a greater risk of relapse when they return home, because they had access to their drugs.

  • No Negative Influence

To put a solid effect on you, these De-Addiction centers cooperates with the system of network and the medical team. Visitors and phone calls are closely supervised in order to avoid any negative influence on you. It helps you to heal without any tension or distraction.

  • New Social Circles

In these centers every patient is motivated through motivators and new social contacts are given to patients. Community group meetings allow you to share your experiences and develop new friends. These links provide moral support to help each other live a drug-free life.

  • Addiction Therapy

Therapy and counseling helps to deal with the mental and psychological aspects of drug addiction. Therapy consists of different activities like yoga, and contemplation to ease pressure and improve mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Diet

Nutrition is an important factor in recovery. A healthy diet allows you to gain physical and mental strength to help you go through the entire recovery process.

  • Help is Always There

De-Addiction centers have great benefits. You will adapt to a treatment program tailored to your needs for a successful recovery. All it takes is determination, and you can enjoy a healthy and sober life once again.

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How to Support Someone with Alcohol Addiction Thu, 16 Apr 2020 05:58:47 +0000 Alcohol consumption is a socially accepted phenomenon that in fact has been part of a large number of cultures since ancient times. However, many people make excessive and very long alcohol consumption over time and end up acquiring dependency on this substance. Families and the surrounding area typically do not know what to do and how to deal with this issue, frequently blaming the subject or claiming not to know or explain their behaviors. But such behaviors do not help the patient but can actually complicate his condition. So here are some guidelines to support an alcoholic:


  1. The Environment Must Recognize The Problem

First level to understand is not to excuse or neglect the subject’s behavior and excessive alcohol consumption. The subject suffering from this disorder or disease carries out alcohol consumption that is dangerous and has a large number of short and long-term consequences. It is important to keep this point in mind, whether the subject is capable of identifying and recognizing their problem or is not aware of it.


  1. Take a Helping Position And Not Blame

It can be simple that the frustration and pain caused by the state of our friend, partner, family member or loved one, or his conduct or perceptible absence of intention to change, lead us to blame him for the situation. This fact does not help the subject, but can generate reactance and in result subject starts drink more to avoid discomfort. It is not about pretending that nothing is happening, but rather addressing the issue directly but adopting an empathetic attitude that allows the subject to be approached in a proactive and collaborative way.


  1. Maintain Some Degree of Control

The subject with alcoholism is someone with profound difficulties in controlling alcohol intake, this loss of control being the most defining aspect of this disorder. Although it is not a question of exercising continuous control of every gesture you make, it is advisable to maintain some control over your situation. One of the ways of doing it is through money management, in such a way that you can control the amount that the subject carries and what is spent, and even what depending on how.


  1. Go to Professionals

Alcoholism is a serious condition, a chronic disorder whose existence can endanger the life of those who suffer from it. That is why it is essential to go to some type of professional in order to treat the different elements that condition and maintain alcohol consumption. In extreme cases, it can be very useful to go to a detoxification center. It is advisable to take an interest and actively participate in therapy.


  1. Relapse Prevention

This is a fundamental aspect in all addictions. The treatment can be successful, but the existence of different stressors or situations can generate a relapse in alcoholism. That is why, just as it is already done in therapy, we take into account the need to work on its prevention.

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Addiction Treatment Myths Wed, 15 Apr 2020 06:38:03 +0000 The main reasons for initiating drug use are primitive nature instinct, curiosity, the desire to enter at least into the fantasy world of everyday life. All these causes of drug addiction are directly related to many myths about drugs, common in society. For many people who have never struggled with a drug or alcohol addiction, they do not understand the ins and outs of this problem. The consequence is a bunch of lies, misunderstandings and myths about addiction spread over as incorrect truths. Nearly everything that we believe about addiction is wrong. Such theories are damaging families and friends, and making it more difficult for people to get well.

You will find four of the most common and dangerous addiction myths below:

Myth 1: It will never stop

At the end of the treatment, I will not be able to stop, because everyone else is drinking!

Fact: It is true that there will be situations when everyone else, except you, will drink. But, at these times, you will remember the strategies learned in the relapse prevention program. You cannot change the fact that other people drink. There are many mechanisms that can help you stay strong, away from drug temptation, you can regularly attend Alcoholics Anonymous group meetings and aftercare sessions, you can build your own a circle of friends who don’t drink alcohol. You will have options to choose from.

Myth 2: All of these drugs are herbal

It is often believed that hallucinogenic drugs like magic mushrooms’ active ingredient psilocybin, are natural.

Fact: Drugs that induce hallucinations such as hallucinations made by magic mushrooms, can be produced and prepared naturally, LSD is manufactured synthetically, and is typically transformed into blotting sheets of paper that are generally absorbed through the tongue. The chavrusa leaf and cooked vines of the yage are used to make Ayahuasca, and has been used for centuries as a traditional spiritual medicine in festivities by the native of Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador.

Myth 3. It’s just relaxing

Drug addicts often explain their addiction, wanting to relax, so they take the dose.

Fact: The onset of intoxication does not contribute to relaxation. Moreover, drugs cannot make a person relaxed, because after using a dose, after a while a breakdown occurs and this physiological condition is very painful.

Myth 4. Drugs make you forget all the bad stuff

In the start, this can be true, but only until the first break.

Fact: It will not be possible to decouple from the difficult condition, and the focus of addiction will be reduced to one thought that where and how to take the dose. You instantly forget every worst experience that has recently passed. While the drug works, there are no real problems. But the action of the drug ends quickly and each time, with each new dose due to the dependence of the body, people feel less euphoric and receive less bright emotions, and the period of euphoria lasts less and less. With the same property of the drugs, the myth is linked.

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Some Common Misconceptions About Addicts Tue, 14 Apr 2020 07:42:59 +0000 There are so many common misconceptions about drugs and alcohol, but there are also more myths about drug abuse which most people claim to be real. There are a number of financial and emotional explanations that a person does not seek help, but mistaken addiction beliefs that also influence how addicted individuals can undertake rehabilitation. Misconceptions regarding drug addicts prevail everywhere. Such beliefs can be held by peers, relatives, and even abusers themselves, which can make it difficult for someone with a drug dependency to try addiction’s treatment. Here are four common misconceptions about addicts.

  1. Peer Rehabilitation Consultants can Be Effective

A common development in the treatment of drug use disorder is the use of peer rehabilitation consultants, which are individuals themselves in rehabilitation who use their expertise and life experiences to support those who are new to recovery. Peer rehabilitation consultants offer mental, educational, and realistic resources for those in treatment to help them keep treatment going. While you may have heard of celebrities hiring private rehabilitation consultant, the peer advisors can also be involved with social rehab agencies, hospitals, sober living centers, and high schools for rehabilitation. These can also be primary care workers, emergency departments, mental health services, criminal justice facilities, child protection organizations, and homeless organizations. Peer rehabilitation consultants are not counselors or administrators of rehab cases for drug use disorder, they also do not support any particular method to rehabilitation, but encourage all pathways.

  1. I can stop my addiction whenever I want.

Only willpower cannot help a person surmount an addiction. Some physical and psychological harm always reside behind an addiction that needs medical treatment. We need to build coping skills, and regain help from family, relatives, and friends, which is a vital aspect of successful recovery. A person dealing with an issue of drug abuse needs individualizing medical or psychiatric services, interventional therapy and practices to bring back the order to their lives. An individual dealing with addiction should be able to cope with the major and minor problems that in the past often caused them to turn to alcohol or drugs as coping mechanisms, through proper care.

  1. Drug Addiction Treatment is Like Prison

Perception is really a fact! We recognize that you may get the treatment because of an ultimatum or probably because of legal problems, but recovery is an opportunity to change yourself, improve your health and repair broken relationships. When you’re open to all that therapy has to offer, and you’re not afraid of change, managing addiction will feel like a release. 

  1. Addiction is a sign of weakness

Most people claim that an addiction is just a bad behavior. Individuals who misuse drugs or alcohol are emotionally dependent on it, which makes them do it over and over again. Studies also conclude that brain shifts people to pursue their addictive habits despite the harm they can do to their bodies, occupations, relatives and relationships. Addiction becomes weakness when it is connected to the individual’ emotion.

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Dealing with Addiction Tue, 14 Apr 2020 07:39:38 +0000 The truth is that all the consequences of addiction are negative. It affects our physical health, our mental health, our financial well-being, our personal image and our self-esteem. For this reason addictions should be avoided in the first place. But if we fall into the addiction trap, we must turn away from it, leave it, and begin to avoid the people, places, or environments that contribute to addiction. When people are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, they are likely to suffer from both, short-term and permanent mental and physical health problem.


  1. Resist the Temptations

Try to resist the temptations with courage, because addiction is a brain disease, it is suggested to work with people around you, such as your family. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patients to learn how to manage their emotions better, overcome negative thinking and substitute it with more constructive, rational and positive thinking. But by this therapy, you learn to avoid the temptation of a desire through playing out the implications in your mind, through being mindful of what you are doing and what you care for, and through helping you make a rational and positive decision to resist the temptation and ignore the urge instead of giving in.

  1. Meditation and Exercise

Mindfulness exercises can help you to deal with drug addiction. Meditation has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as to decrease blood pressure and improve immune function. Practicing meditation will help you find peace and relaxation, and in stressful times, it relax your mind. Working out is healthy for mind and body. You’ll also feel the high level of endorphins as your physical health improves, which can boost your mood. And an exercise schedule provides a structure for your days, which helps to reduce the risk of relapse.

  1. Loving an Addict

Couple consultation can be very effective because both individuals can actively develop and practice skills that foster a more successful partnership by learning more positive ways to deal with drug addiction. People who are in healthy relationships will work well together. Couple consultation is a good way to spend time in a friendly, empathetic and romantic environment. Knowing the signs of drug abuse problems and how best to help the person in need is important for those who love someone who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.


  1. Effectively deal with Peer Pressure

The main reason people continue using drug is because they use social pressure from their peers. No one likes to be left out and the main reason people pursue drug use is because they use social pressure from their peers. One wants to be left out and people do stuff that they wouldn’t usually do. You need to either find a stronger group of friends in those situations who won’t push you to do bad things, or you need to find a polite way to say no. People should make a reasonable explanation or plan in advance to avoid tempting circumstances.

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Understanding the Manner of Working of an Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre’s Program Fri, 20 Mar 2020 08:05:00 +0000 A rehab centre is a place that can bring the turning point of your life and transform your life into a different one. Your experience can be scary, but it will give you a chance to adopt a lifestyle that you desired for long but couldn’t do so because you were badly addicted to alcohol. Any alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai has a designed set of rules and regulations on which the program works. Let’s learn the manner of working in a rehab program.


Doors remain open and you get all the freedom that you want, at a rehab centre. There are no locks on the doors, and you can freely roam around at any time. The rehab program works only when you do it willingly. This is the reason why there are no locks and the doors remain open. The people who enter rehab with a mindset that they are going to start drinking all over again then they are probably wasting their time and money too.

First-line treatment

There are in-house detoxification programs at some residential rehab centres. However, most of the rehab centres require that their clients undergo complete detox before entering the centre for the program. Current trends require the clients to undergo a withdrawal process at a facility that deals with alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms. This transition takes place in a short period of time of around five to seven days. This is the first-line treatment at an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

Types of facilities

There are different physical facilities at each residential rehab facility. For the addicted teens- they are primitive camp-type settings and for others, the most luxurious facilities that one can hardly imagine, are available. 

You get what you paid for or what you can really afford for yourself. The extent to which a program has been successful and effective has little to do with the type of physical facilities that the program offers. Before you opt for any facility or treatment then research well about them and about their success rates.

Educating the patient

Educating the patient is the heart of the treatment and rehab program, on which the whole process works. There can be variations depending on the facility. It emphasizes on making you realize your addiction honestly and in a realistic manner. It will also change your attitude about drug usage and alcohol consumption.

Many chronic alcoholics deny quitting the alcohol consumption habit in the initial stage of their recovery. Some addicts hold on to denial about the seriousness of the particular problem. Treatment programs of rehab centres break down that denial of the patient and transform them in a way that they adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Mostly, a trained addiction counselor will give you individual counseling. The session is designed to teach you the values that you will carry with yourself, lifelong and will be away from alcohol. An alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai assumes this as the final step under the rehab program.

Major Benefits of Visit a De-addiction Centre Tue, 11 Feb 2020 06:49:27 +0000 One of the biggest benefits of visiting a de-addiction centre in Mumbai is that they can provide you a wide range of treatments. Not only do they treat cases of drug abuse but other kinds of addiction such as alcohol addiction and nicotine abuse, to name a few.

The chance to heal and rehabilitate

This is one of the biggest benefits of these centres. It is at these centres that you would be able to learn how to lead a better life. At the same time, you would also be taught ways to control your addiction as well.

Shedding off negativity

You can also be sure that at these centres you would learn ways in which you can shed off the negativity that permits your life. This, in turn, would also help you be happy. This also means that your near and dear ones, such as your family, would be happy around you as well. This is easily one of the biggest benefits that you can derive by visiting a de-addiction centre in Mumbai.

Improving your health

It is common knowledge that such addition can take a real toll on your health. For example, if you abuse things such as drugs and alcohol it can affect important organs of your body such as the liver and lungs.

This is where a de-addiction center in Mumbai can be so very helpful in every sense of the term. If you visit such a centre with time to spare, it could help you get your health back on track.

A new lease of life

This is one of the biggest benefits of visiting such a centre. This way, more and newer opportunities could open up for you. This also means a better future for them. This is how these centres can change lives for good and help start a new chapter.   

Feeling better and stronger

When you are coming out of a de-addiction centre in Mumbai it is but natural that you would feel a lot fresher and stronger as an individual. As has been stated already, they can start their lives anew and this includes all the different aspects of their lives. It has been seen that when people get addicted, they lose touch with people they were once close to. However, a de-addiction centre can help them renew those valuable bonds.

The financial effect

This is also an important point in this context.

Once you come out cured of a de-addiction centre in Mumbai you can save a lot of money that you may have otherwise spent for your addiction. It is common knowledge that products such as drugs and alcohol do not come cheap. When you are not consuming those, you are saving that money and you can always use the saved money to tend to the needs and requirements of your family or for other important purposes in life. Who knows, this can encourage you to earn more and improve your overall financial condition as well.

Effective Treatments for Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Tue, 11 Feb 2020 06:47:39 +0000 Inpatient alcohol treatment, also known as inpatient alcohol rehab or residential treatment, offers the best quality rehab services in Mumbai for the patients, who are diagnosed with alcohol addiction in Mumbai. Usually, treatment programs in the best alcohol rehab in Mumbai centres include medical detox and some other incorporated mental health services.

Details of the inpatient alcohol rehab treatment:-

In the leading inpatient alcohol rehab centres, the treatment for alcohol abuse starts with the clinicians getting a proper understanding of the particular health condition of the patient. This treatment will also evaluate the mental health, medical health, and chemical use history of the patients to design customized alcohol rehab plans for them. With the permission of the patients, the rehab staff members also communicate with the family members of the patients and consult with the experts with whom the patients are already working to address their challenges and requirements.

As addiction affects the minds, bodies, and spirit of people, therefore the experts of the best alcohol rehab in Mumbai centres offer holistic healing plans. The team members of the inpatient alcohol rehab centres include:-

  1. Nurses
  2. Physicians
  3. Psychologists
  4. Psychiatrists
  5. Addiction counselors
  6. Fitness and wellness specialists
  7. Nutritionists
  8. Clinical case managers

In some cases, the treatment offered in these centres is also gender-specific that helps the patients to stay focused on the total recovery process while exploring different sensitive issues in a supportive and safe environment and strengthening trust relationships with peer groups.

Now let’s have a look at different treatment methods in inpatient alcohol rehab:

Detox is the first treatment offered in every alcohol rehab centre in Mumbai. This treatment helps the addict’s body and brain to heal from alcohol abuse. Detox starts with evaluations made by the nurses and medical doctors to decide in case any medical intervention is required. Besides, detox also helps to flush the harmful chemicals from the addict’s body. But this experience can be uncomfortable, and therefore, the assistance of the professional staff members of the rehab centres is needed to address the cravings or discomfort.

After completion of the detox process, the patients will be shifted to the residential treatment unit where they would meet with their treatment peers and take part in different rehab activities and services. Some of the activities that the patients would take part in here are:

  1. Individual health assessment and chemical therapy
  2. Individual mental health assessment and therapy
  3. Group therapy for addressing chemical health
  4. Fitness and wellness activities
  5. Medical appointments
  6. Nutritional assessment
  7. Experiential and educational workshops
  8. Continuing care planning


How to prepare yourself for joining the inpatient rehab centre?

It is important to be prepared before getting admitted to an inpatient rehab centre. And before setting the entry date, you must settle your affairs. Some of the things that you need to do to prepare yourself are:

  1. Finding leaving arrangement for the family members and kids
  2. Talking to the employers
  3. Find out the items that are allowed inside
  4. Planning the way how to get to and from the rehab centre