Inpatient alcohol treatment, also known as inpatient alcohol rehab or residential treatment, offers the best quality rehab services in Mumbai for the patients, who are diagnosed with alcohol addiction in Mumbai. Usually, treatment programs in the best alcohol rehab in Mumbai centres include medical detox and some other incorporated mental health services.

Details of the inpatient alcohol rehab treatment:-

In the leading inpatient alcohol rehab centres, the treatment for alcohol abuse starts with the clinicians getting a proper understanding of the particular health condition of the patient. This treatment will also evaluate the mental health, medical health, and chemical use history of the patients to design customized alcohol rehab plans for them. With the permission of the patients, the rehab staff members also communicate with the family members of the patients and consult with the experts with whom the patients are already working to address their challenges and requirements.

As addiction affects the minds, bodies, and spirit of people, therefore the experts of the best alcohol rehab in Mumbai centres offer holistic healing plans. The team members of the inpatient alcohol rehab centres include:-

  1. Nurses
  2. Physicians
  3. Psychologists
  4. Psychiatrists
  5. Addiction counselors
  6. Fitness and wellness specialists
  7. Nutritionists
  8. Clinical case managers

In some cases, the treatment offered in these centres is also gender-specific that helps the patients to stay focused on the total recovery process while exploring different sensitive issues in a supportive and safe environment and strengthening trust relationships with peer groups.

Now let’s have a look at different treatment methods in inpatient alcohol rehab:

Detox is the first treatment offered in every alcohol rehab centre in Mumbai. This treatment helps the addict’s body and brain to heal from alcohol abuse. Detox starts with evaluations made by the nurses and medical doctors to decide in case any medical intervention is required. Besides, detox also helps to flush the harmful chemicals from the addict’s body. But this experience can be uncomfortable, and therefore, the assistance of the professional staff members of the rehab centres is needed to address the cravings or discomfort.

After completion of the detox process, the patients will be shifted to the residential treatment unit where they would meet with their treatment peers and take part in different rehab activities and services. Some of the activities that the patients would take part in here are:

  1. Individual health assessment and chemical therapy
  2. Individual mental health assessment and therapy
  3. Group therapy for addressing chemical health
  4. Fitness and wellness activities
  5. Medical appointments
  6. Nutritional assessment
  7. Experiential and educational workshops
  8. Continuing care planning


How to prepare yourself for joining the inpatient rehab centre?

It is important to be prepared before getting admitted to an inpatient rehab centre. And before setting the entry date, you must settle your affairs. Some of the things that you need to do to prepare yourself are:

  1. Finding leaving arrangement for the family members and kids
  2. Talking to the employers
  3. Find out the items that are allowed inside
  4. Planning the way how to get to and from the rehab centre