The truth is that all the consequences of addiction are negative. It affects our physical health, our mental health, our financial well-being, our personal image and our self-esteem. For this reason addictions should be avoided in the first place. But if we fall into the addiction trap, we must turn away from it, leave it, and begin to avoid the people, places, or environments that contribute to addiction. When people are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, they are likely to suffer from both, short-term and permanent mental and physical health problem.


  1. Resist the Temptations

Try to resist the temptations with courage, because addiction is a brain disease, it is suggested to work with people around you, such as your family. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patients to learn how to manage their emotions better, overcome negative thinking and substitute it with more constructive, rational and positive thinking. But by this therapy, you learn to avoid the temptation of a desire through playing out the implications in your mind, through being mindful of what you are doing and what you care for, and through helping you make a rational and positive decision to resist the temptation and ignore the urge instead of giving in.

  1. Meditation and Exercise

Mindfulness exercises can help you to deal with drug addiction. Meditation has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as to decrease blood pressure and improve immune function. Practicing meditation will help you find peace and relaxation, and in stressful times, it relax your mind. Working out is healthy for mind and body. You’ll also feel the high level of endorphins as your physical health improves, which can boost your mood. And an exercise schedule provides a structure for your days, which helps to reduce the risk of relapse.

  1. Loving an Addict

Couple consultation can be very effective because both individuals can actively develop and practice skills that foster a more successful partnership by learning more positive ways to deal with drug addiction. People who are in healthy relationships will work well together. Couple consultation is a good way to spend time in a friendly, empathetic and romantic environment. Knowing the signs of drug abuse problems and how best to help the person in need is important for those who love someone who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.


  1. Effectively deal with Peer Pressure

The main reason people continue using drug is because they use social pressure from their peers. No one likes to be left out and the main reason people pursue drug use is because they use social pressure from their peers. One wants to be left out and people do stuff that they wouldn’t usually do. You need to either find a stronger group of friends in those situations who won’t push you to do bad things, or you need to find a polite way to say no. People should make a reasonable explanation or plan in advance to avoid tempting circumstances.

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