People from all walks of life, may experience the problems and issues of drug and alcohol consumption, regardless of their stature, age, race or background, as they all have a common reason for starting the abuse and consumption in the first place. Many individuals start these activities out of curiosity, however, some experiment with them and then start to have a splendid time, not knowing the facts that it can cause a toll on their health, also causing anxiety, stress and depression.


Not only heavy drugs such as cocaine or heroin, however, the painkillers, sleeping pills and tranquilizers consumed without medical prescriptions and consumed regularly can also cause similar problems. According to a survey, it is stated that in 2015-2021, more people have died because of marijuana rather than gun deaths or traffic accidents.  Therefore, in the past decade, many de-addiction centers across the globe have been on the rise across India. Being the hub of IT in the Northern region of India and home to thousands of youth, in the last 5 years, several alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune, have been on the rise. Currently there are around 33+ Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, functioning actively towards the betterment of the society.


While anyone can develop the problem of using drugs or consuming alcohol, the vulnerability to these substance addiction mainly differs from person to person. Many de-addiction center in Pune, take into consideration the mental health of the individual, their genes, their family’s social environment, as major risk factors, and then move ahead with the treatment process. Some of the vulnerability factors are as follows:


  • Any kind of abuse, neglect or any other traumatic experiences.
  • Negative family history or association with addiction.
  • Mental disorders including anxiety and depression.
  • Early use of drugs and alcohol.
  • The method of administration, that is injecting or smoking of a drug which can severely increase the potential of addiction.


There are various public and private de-addiction center in Pune, providing therapy and training to the needy, offering physical, occupational as well as speech therapy processes, and each facility has their own different mode of communication and interaction via various exercise schedules. These rehabilitation centres include:


  • Many such Pune based rehabilitation centres offer in-house rehabilitation services, focusing on the therapy process to help their patients transition back to their assisted living before the rehab sessions.
  • Understanding the critical and long-term process, many centres accept insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • These centres provide hygienic and clean rooms with healthy three square meals, accessing all sorts of healthy snacks outside their scheduled meal times.


Helping in providing the needful towards the future of the society, these de-addiction centers are actively working day and night towards the society, setting positive examples towards the coming generations. Confident to change the functioning abilities of these addicts, the staff and counsellors deliver their complete determination and dedication towards their clients. To set a positive future for our forthcoming generation, we must stand together and against these poisonous consumptions.