The word ‘Addiction’ soon brings a different image and a different individual in our mind, suffering with a potential addiction of alcohol or drug consumption. Mostly located among the age group of 16-32, most teens are commonly and closely associated with these addictions now-a-days, which is an absolute lowest and the worst point of addiction. Initiating the ideas of suicide, homeless, desperate, crime etc. it is hard to understand these individuals with all their consequences always being extreme in nature.

Being the city which never sleeps in India, Mumbai is a home to several drug rackets and alcohol chains, which has initiated the opening of several de-addiction centre in Mumbai in the past decade. Helping the needy, these de-addiction centres in Mumbai, provide various treatment programs and services for their clients, helping them in being close to their families and re-join the society.

As consuming drugs is illegal across India, intaking regular dose of pills or using someone else’ prescription is a risky choice. It may feel good and positive, easing the stress, however it is a medium of avoiding reality. And as this unconscious self begins increasing, it starts as a habit which needs a harsh and quick fullstop. It becomes an addiction, when you are not able to stop the process and you are also ready to put all your finances, emotions and even your loved ones, in grave danger or risk. Fulfilling the urge to use and consume these drugs in a regular manner and fill up every minute of the day, even when you want to quit, is when either you have become a drug or an alcohol addict. Addictions can also be of any other activity such as sex, gambling, stealing etc.

Every de-addiction center in Mumbai consists of:

  • A professional Treatment Team: Providing a highest quality treatment program, involves a fully-functioning multidisciplinary care team, working in all aspects starting from body, spirit and mind. Having mixed professionals towards the reaction of an individualized treatment plan, required a lot of determination, thought process and years of practice. The team mainly consists of:
  1. A medical doctor
  2. Psychologist
  3. Psychiatrist
  4. Nurse
  5. A Chemical Dependency Counselor
  6. Nutritionist
  7. Spiritual Care Counselor
  8. Wellness Specialist
  • Legal Certifications: These centers are always accredited by The Joint Commission or by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Both independent and non-profit organizations, who only focus on providing quality and valuable results for the needful. To attain such accreditation or a license, the process is very crucial and absolutely ethical, therefore, always check the need before selecting, however, most of the de-addiction treatment center in Mumbai, have their processes following them with utmost ethical values.

The de-addiction center in Mumbai, helps and understands the patients about the pros and cons of your actions and how it is creating a problem in yours and in your loved ones lives. Following various steps of programs and therapies, many de-addiction center in Mumbai also provide relapse session activities too, and then release the patient, helping them with a smooth transition into their regular life.