Any person having a mental illness can be at risk of drug addiction. Potential increases 3 fold where people are more prone to stress. It is important to find out that there is a high risk of addiction. Avoiding the risk factors can help you a lot. The initial step is to identify the risk factors for drug addiction. So go ahead with this blog and read about the risk of drug addiction. Our main aim is to help you protect yourself to fall into the devastating hands of drug addiction and those who are more at risk of drug addiction. There are many dangers of drug addiction.

According to the statistics, nearly 40 % of the world’s population is at higher risk of having a drug addiction. Many people are educated of the dangers of drug addiction but still, unknowingly fall into the hands of addiction. Understanding the causes, consequences of drugs can help in reducing the number of people with drug addiction 

The high-risk factor of drug addiction 


If any of your family members are suffering from then you are at high risk of developing a drug addiction. If your sibling is addicted to drugs then you might also get into drugs. If your spouse is addicted, then are higher chances that you or your kids might get under the influence of drugs. 


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People who have stress and cannot manage it well may switch to addiction to release it. Stress is one of the major risk factors of addiction. So if you have stress, talk to your counselor or health care professional to reduce the risk of addiction. 


If you have not slept for less than 3 hours, there are high-risk factors of drug addiction. Getting addicted to sleeping pills or drugs can also have a negative impact on the body. Having enough sleep is very much needed to restore your system. If you have disturbed sleep, then it is one of the major risk factors of addiction.


This is one of the major risk factors that may lead to addiction. There are higher chances of suicidal tendencies in depressed people. They may have low mood disorder where they feel like giving up life. 

Certain situations 

Rejection, failure, or loneliness can lead to addiction. If you are dealing with any of these problems then you must discuss them with your loved one. 

The specific risk of drug addiction

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Most health care professionals agree that there can be many drugs that cause damage. There are various factors like drugs of choice, how they are used, and how they interact with each other increases the risk. According to the experts, people choosing marijuana as the drug of choice have shown to alter the brain circuit leading to the following:

Increased tiredness at work with poor performance. 

Relationship difficulties

Reduced motivation

Lower mental thinking 

Incapacity to make decisions 

Every misuse of drugs has some effect on the person’s mood and emotions. The long-term use of drugs can lead to damage in the brain leading to the death of neurons. The effect of drugs starts with a “euphoric feeling” where a person is high and then leads to depression of the nervous system.

Drug effects with high risk can be universal. 

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Many effects of drugs can be universal causing the same set of signs and symptoms. In such cases, a specific approach will work great to help the patient recover. However, it is important to note that every person is different and reacts differently. Such different reactions in emotions and mood should be taken into consideration. Every drug will have different withdrawal symptoms. Accordingly, the treatment should be managed by strict adherence to certain protocols. 

If you think you are at risk of drug addiction, then kindly switch to Trucare Trust for advice and counseling at the initial stage.