The main reasons for initiating drug use are primitive nature instinct, curiosity, the desire to enter at least into the fantasy world of everyday life. All these causes of drug addiction are directly related to many myths about drugs, common in society. For many people who have never struggled with a drug or alcohol addiction, they do not understand the ins and outs of this problem. The consequence is a bunch of lies, misunderstandings and myths about addiction spread over as incorrect truths. Nearly everything that we believe about addiction is wrong. Such theories are damaging families and friends, and making it more difficult for people to get well.

You will find four of the most common and dangerous addiction myths below:

Myth 1: It will never stop

At the end of the treatment, I will not be able to stop, because everyone else is drinking!

Fact: It is true that there will be situations when everyone else, except you, will drink. But, at these times, you will remember the strategies learned in the relapse prevention program. You cannot change the fact that other people drink. There are many mechanisms that can help you stay strong, away from drug temptation, you can regularly attend Alcoholics Anonymous group meetings and aftercare sessions, you can build your own a circle of friends who don’t drink alcohol. You will have options to choose from.

Myth 2: All of these drugs are herbal

It is often believed that hallucinogenic drugs like magic mushrooms’ active ingredient psilocybin, are natural.

Fact: Drugs that induce hallucinations such as hallucinations made by magic mushrooms, can be produced and prepared naturally, LSD is manufactured synthetically, and is typically transformed into blotting sheets of paper that are generally absorbed through the tongue. The chavrusa leaf and cooked vines of the yage are used to make Ayahuasca, and has been used for centuries as a traditional spiritual medicine in festivities by the native of Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador.

Myth 3. It’s just relaxing

Drug addicts often explain their addiction, wanting to relax, so they take the dose.

Fact: The onset of intoxication does not contribute to relaxation. Moreover, drugs cannot make a person relaxed, because after using a dose, after a while a breakdown occurs and this physiological condition is very painful.

Myth 4. Drugs make you forget all the bad stuff

In the start, this can be true, but only until the first break.

Fact: It will not be possible to decouple from the difficult condition, and the focus of addiction will be reduced to one thought that where and how to take the dose. You instantly forget every worst experience that has recently passed. While the drug works, there are no real problems. But the action of the drug ends quickly and each time, with each new dose due to the dependence of the body, people feel less euphoric and receive less bright emotions, and the period of euphoria lasts less and less. With the same property of the drugs, the myth is linked.

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