The search for sound addictions advice by a person’s family or friends can often result in an orchestrated crisis, or intervention, that can result not only at the beginning of an awakening to their problem but also in everyone accepting that addiction is an illness that requires proper treatment.

Addiction is a progressive illness that takes over the sufferer’s entire life and has the ability to deceive their closest loved ones. It can appear overwhelming to deal with, but getting the right addiction advice can make the difficult steps that follow much easier.

When we are contacted for advice on addiction and the recovery process, we are frequently able to educate people and their families, alleviating much of the anxiety associated with this difficult time. Our task is to make it easier to handle and less intimidating. Using an addictions counsellor for addiction advice allows us to do what we do best while also allowing the addicted person’s family and friends, and, more importantly, the patient, to focus their attention and energy on their recovery.

The six points below provide excellent addiction advice and will help you gain a better understanding of what to expect from an addictions treatment centre or alcohol rehab, as well as the entire recovery process.

Individual Personal Commitment

It may seem obvious, but because addiction is such a stigmatised condition that emotionally draws everyone in and everyone seems to have such strong opinions on, I’ll say it anyway. When seeking addictions advice, make certain that it comes from qualified and experienced addictions professionals.

The most common misconception about addictions and effective rehabilitation is that the patient must be completely prepared for and committed to treatment in order for rehab to be effective. The harsh reality is that addiction, by definition, deludes the patient, and often their loved ones as well, in this one area.

So, while a family may function well and be rational in all areas, when it comes to their loved one’s addiction, they simply cannot define the best way forward, highlighting the importance of sound addictions advice.

Those working in the field of addiction treatment are likely to provide the best addictions advice. Professional addictions counsellors, doctors, nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists have the necessary training and experience to recognise the nuances of specific addiction problems.

Not everyone is the same, and different addictions, whether to alcohol, gambling, cocaine, methamphetamine, or marijuana, all have specific problems that may arise, with resulting specific needs for each individual.
Prior to admission, all high-quality addiction treatment centres will require an assessment. The initial screening interview is conducted to determine eligibility (are you able to afford them) and appropriateness (whether the clinic is the best one to meet your needs).

Some patients may become psychotic as a result of drug use or an organic function and may require more accurate assessment and stabilisation at a psychiatric unit prior to admission to an addictions treatment centre for rehab.

Hopefully, they will be completely detoxified and some of the work will have been completed by the time they are admitted, though some drugs, such as benzodiazepines, can have PAWS (post-acute withdrawals) associated with detoxification, and these protracted withdrawals can result in detoxification for 12 weeks.

Other patients may have a proclivity for violence and pose a risk of harm to those around them, and they would generally not be accepted at an addictions rehab centre until they posed no risk to those around them. Again, psychiatric care would be preferable until they are stable and willing to engage in nonviolent communication.

Some patients may be at risk of causing harm to themselves, either through suicide attempts or self-harm.
Seeking advice from a qualified and experienced professional addictions counsellor would result in an assessment of each individual case and the development of a comprehensive treatment plan as a result of these assessments.

You may now be getting a sense of how critical it is to seek addictions advice from a qualified professional, as the initial screening assessment can lead to a variety of different paths. Quality addictions advice will assist you in determining whether:

A) You are addicted or abusing drugs, and you want to know whether outpatient or in-patient treatment is best for you.

B) You are perfectly suited to that clinic, and they are the best suited to meet your needs.

This is where a qualified addictions advisor adds value by directing addicts to the most appropriate addictions treatment centre for their specific needs.

However, it’s important to remember that any addictions advice given during a screening assessment is a two-way street, and should take into account whether you don’t like the look and feel of the place, how they treated you, or whether someone you know who is in active addiction is already on the programme.

If you have an active addictions association with someone who is already on the addictions treatment programme, it can impede treatment for both of you, decreasing your chances of success. Having someone with whom you used to party, drink, and use drugs will make the necessary transition to recovery behaviours more difficult. Quality addiction treatment facilities will try to stagger these admissions as much as possible.

So, in summary, what is the most important piece of advice for someone considering going to an addiction treatment centre? Get an assessment from an addictions expert to ensure you’ve chosen the best type of treatment and the best treatment centre for your needs.

How do you know who to seek advice from? Ensure that any advice comes from a qualified addictions expert with a proven track record of helping people, and seek an independent opinion from someone who can refer to a variety of addiction treatment programmes.

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