While we are continuing to educate ourselves about mental health, depression tightly holds on to individuals in a very sneaky way. We mostly tend to ignore the signs as we aren’t educated enough on the subject.

Depression is often confused with an unhappy feeling due to a disappointing event. But, there is more to it and is persistent. Quite often, people suffering from depression are the ones who tend to use drugs and alcohol to relax their senses. The escape of reality is preferred and the use of drugs just provides you with that sense.

Without proper medical advice from the best drug rehabilitation centers in India, self-treating depression by using drugs can be detrimental. This might further increase the risk of self-injury or even suicidal behavior.

Trucare trust, the best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, educates us on the 7 telling signs of depression we must never ignore.

Hopelessness and loss of interest.

Depression makes you point yourself. Self-worth takes a great toll and you tend to put all the blame on yourself. The Understanding of mistakes being a common thing in our lives is gone and we amplify all the mistakes. “Is all this even worth?” becomes a darker question for the person.

The activities that you loved before, suddenly disinterest you now. These interests should be rekindled and Trucare trust is the best addiction treatment center in Mumbai, to provide with numerous facilities that can become their new hobby. 

Increased fatigue and disturbed sleep cycle.

You might not start seeing this in the beginning, but it starts getting obvious that you are feeling tired. You want to sleep more and escape a thought cycle. This further disrupts your sleep cycle and your body takes a toll due to sleep deprivation. 


Symptoms of anxiety include nervousness, restlessness, and feeling of panic, rapid heart rate, and heavy breathing. If you feel anxious quite often and is concerning you, contact Trucare Trust, the best addiction center in Mumbai for further expert help. 

Change in appetite and sudden weight loss

Depression tends to keep your mind occupied with running thoughts. You don’t feel like eating something healthy or eating altogether. Alcoholism or drug abuse makes you eat lesser, which causes loss of appetite and eventual, unhealthy weight loss. 

Emotional outburst

The world seems judgmental as you, yourself struggle with all negative thoughts. You might be angry now, and crying uncontrollably in the next moment. 


Men are supposed to be suffering from this more. Although you care about some things and people, you find yourself searching for reasons to stay away from people. Daily responsibilities might start bugging you. 

Suicidal talks

 As our overlook of life changes, one might all these struggles useless and think of ending things. You can hear them talking about death quite often. They might also act upon their dangerous feelings. You need to provide them with immediate help and contact Trucare trust, the best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai.

 Depression affects millions all over the world and is currently linked to the increasing amount of suicidal deaths in India. Immediate medical help or expert help from a drug de-addiction center in Mumbai is required if one suffers from the above-mentioned symptoms. Trucare trust, Mumbai is always ready to help.