Rule #1 – It’s your will that got you where you are, not your willpower!

Our addictions are such a strong and persistent power that no individual can prevail over them on their own. As soon as we accept this reality, and be assured it is an established truth, then we give ourselves a plausible opportunity to find recovery and triumph over the control of self-will. Trying to convince ourselves that our addiction can be conquered with only our willpower will only result in staying unwell and repeating the same blunders over and over again without ever obtaining cleanliness for a significant period of time. It is necessary to become aware that it was our very own volition which initiated us towards addiction, and it is our will keeping us in affliction. If left up to us, we would unsuccessfully search for different means of using substances. This is nothing more than an illusion though; this is the voice of our illness convincing us of our vulnerability, suggesting that we do not have an issue or need drugs just to operate or “stay level”. Our disease wants to preserve us afflicted; it is way too powerful for a single person to attempt to fight it alone. It takes away from us what we hold dearest: family, friends ; in numerous instances, even our children. Who in their sane mind would surrender those whom they adore so deeply

Rule #2 –Some people want to help you. You don’t have to do this alone.

It’s the disease that wants us to think we’re alone, but in reality we’re not alone at all. There are millions of addicts just like us, and we need each other to survive. Millions of addicts have found recovery and they live wonderfully happy lives today. Don’t believe the old cliché, “once an addict, always an addict”. The lie is dead, and I am living proof of it. I am truly happy and blessed in life today.

Recovery is achievable with the help of fellow addicts who have found hope and a new life. They willingly dedicate their energy to aiding people still trapped in addiction. Attending 12 step meetings is a major way for staying clean; here you will find acceptance and understanding from those who have been in your shoes, without any judgment. Those who have escaped the darkness of addiction can offer insight and kindness needed to help you reach serenity and sobriety. No matter how severe your problem seems or how far down the path of addiction it has taken you, there are always those who were worse off than you, yet still managed to free themselves with recovery.

Rule #3 – As we chased our next high, we must chase our recovery as hard!

When we were entrenched in addiction, we did whatever it took to get our next fix. Now is the time to put the same tenacity and drive into freeing ourselves from its bondage. We need to make significant changes in order to live a life of health. The people, places, and activities that surrounded our old addicted lives must be avoided if we wish to progress ahead with no exceptions. And lastly, we must cut out any forms of entertainment that may have triggered our addiction before, such as bars or clubs. Everything changes for the better once we are entirely dedicated to breaking away from the chains of addiction; however, it takes immense effort and willpower towards this battle if you want your life back. I took on this challenge and won; you too can experience joyous victory if you are ready to fight!

Rule #4 – The Secret to Staying Clean – Work The 12 Steps!

It’s a fantastic feeling to be free from addiction and reap the rewards and blessings of it. However, the journey doesn’t end there – we have to take specific steps in order to maintain our newfound freedom. It is important to remember that even though we have given up drugs, it is a process of recovery that we must stay engaged in. We should view this as an opportunity to learn how to live fully and progress towards inner peace and serenity. To keep our focus on this path, the 12 steps are a guide created by those before us who found success. Getting clean was just one step; staying clean is our ultimate goal. With dedication, attending 12-step meetings, and helping other addicts still struggling, we can equip ourselves with the skills required to address any issue without relying on drugs. This is non-negotiable – the only proven path that will lead us towards lasting liberation and its many rewards awaits!

Rule #5 – A grateful addict will never use! Rule # 5: Keep Your Gratitude!

Remember where your addiction led you and remain humble. Put away your ego and use your gratefulness to maintain sobriety. Don’t ever think you have conquered the beast, as that is risky. Remember the active use times, and always keep your gratitude for recovery at the forefront. Your appreciation can also help you to stay sober by helping others who need it; when we recognise our own suffering and deliverance from despair, we are reminded of how grateful we should be. Find joy in the new life before you, as this will keep you clean!

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